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Ms. Mulitsch can solve nearly any problem and is never afraid of a new one. She works closely with all of our Attorneys, Operations Specialists and clients on a very regular basis. Often, you can find her delivering or picking up much-needed documents to St. Louis County Circuit Court, Pine Lawn, St. Charles County, Maryland Heights, Jefferson County, St. Ann and/or the many many other courts throughout the region. In some ways, she is the face of Traffic Law Counselors® & DWI Law Center. There have been instances, when court personnel have said, "we can't normally do that, but if Andie brings the paper work here, we will do it this time." That is VERY impressive and says A LOT about the interpersonal communication skills that Ms. Mulitsch brings to our clients. By the way, she knows how to get driving records purged/modified quickly within the confines of the law.